"Family is not an important thing. It's everything"; - Michael J. Fox


Majlis Park was created in  1993 with the noble intention of connecting people and thus enriching each other as well as the community through those connections. The founders had two ideas in their mind as they came up with the concept of Majlis Park -
 1) The basic unit of a community is not a person but a family. Hence connecting people are tantamount to connecting families.
2) An alliance between families cannot be conducive unless it is done on a platform of morality and righteousness.

And from there, the offshoots of the association took shape into a club  that emphasized families and whose motto stands as "Family meets Family". The association though was unlike the popular notion of what a club stood for  - a place of recreation where individuals went to gamble and club events were more of a blaring noisy show filled with intoxication. So much so that we gave it the name Majlis which means a place of gathering of people with common interest rather than term it a club. We endeavor to attain a decorum that is more befitting a family, with activities for all its members; be it a potluck lunch where each family brings their own food, or hosting weddings and marriage receptions of our members or events that recognize the talents of our adult and young members. We created a youth club for the young where they could play and learn. We promote various charitable events where the entire family contributes contrary to having select individuals assigned to take care of it. And all of us have striven to leverage our small unit to uplift our less fortunate brothers and sisters by pitching in to give them aid or self-employment,wherever required. We strongly disdain any activities that would be considered amoral within a family such as drinking and gambling within the Majlis premises. 
We heartily invite all families to come join us and be part of Majlis family that is rapidly increasing in size every year and use us to have a more enriching and fulfilling life with your family.